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Income Report - Q3 2021

Welcome back to the Income Report series Hustlers!  Starting in July 2021 is when I decided to make the switch for my main POD segment to move from Etsy to a Shopify site.  Etsy served me well, but with the increased traffic I was seeing and new affiliate partners I decided that the lower processing fees and customization of my store that the Shopify platform offered was a better option.  So I launched by first Shopify site in July 2021 with decent success.  I had some high affiliate commission cost coming off of my #3 highest month of Sales in June so I took another loss in July, then followed that up with about breakeven months.

It was also during this time that I started using Facebook and Etsy ads to push some of the non-affiliate related POD items to gain momentum for the Etsy shop that still had a variety of trending and evergreen designs.  I would call that mildly successful with a 1.66 ROAS on Etsy.  That's a little lower than I would like to see, but also not bad for a newer store.  

At the time, my primary print partner was Printful.  I'll talk more as the time goes on about shopping print partners to get better margin, as I have found that Printful is pretty reliable, but on the higher end of cost for POD.  But there are some positives, they have multiple fulfillment centers around the world, orders route to the closest fulfillment center with capacity, so fulfillment and shipping is typically quick.  I did find that during the holiday season in 2021 they did get backed up and caused me shipping delays, which prompted me to search for alternatives but we'll cover that later.

So all-in-all a good quarter.  Lost a little bit overall, but still in the green from the beginning at +$648 after 9 months.  Happy selling out there friends!