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Income Report - March to June 2021

March 2021 was my biggest month for Sales for quite a while, this is when I really fully launched my first business model in print on demand apparel.  I don't go into too much detail because it is a unique segment of the POD industry (that I might be the only one doing it this way right now), but I rely on an affiliate-like structure to boost sales in a specific industry.  At this point I did very little to no advertising at all, it was all word of mouth through these affiliates.  

As such, with my big month of sales in March also came my biggest month for cost to date in April.  This additional affiliate commission cost brought me in the negative for net profit for a month for the first time.  Regardless of that, I also am also pushing $1K in net profit through my first 6 months into the side hustle process.

Also starting in March I signed up for Redbubble.  RB is a marketplace that offers print on demand on over 70 different products.  It does cater to artists looking to self-publish their items for sale, but side hustle POD is a good fit here because there in ZERO up-front cost.  That also means the lowest barrier of entry and a TON of competition, but I find it is a good option to place your content.  Putting your content on as many platforms as possible, using as much online real estate as possible gives you the best chance to make a sale.  The RB business model is also 100% hands-off for you from a sale standpoint, when someone purchases your item they take the order, print, ship and take care of customer service.  All you do is make a % of the sale in commission, and you get to control what that % is (by determining the retail price of an item).

From here out until I catch up to real time I will be posting quarterly Income Reports.  Happy selling out there friends!