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Financial Transparency - January 2021

Hello Money Makers!  Our community is built on trust, and I believe one of the most enduring ways to show trust is to be transparent.  We all know by now that we're here for a side hustle.  And maybe you want that side hustle to turn full-time, maybe you want that side hustle to be just that, but at the end of the day we want the side hustle to be successful regardless of your goals.

That's why beginning with this blog post, I am going to be very transparent in my journey (or as transparent as I can be without giving it all away) and show my financials.  Part of it is to keep me honest with myself and part of it is to show you that we all had to start somewhere.  My journey officially began in January 2021 when I created my LLC.  As you can see in the graphic below, that month was not hugely successful, but with my dedication to finding a way to get something off the ground with as little capital as possible and to use my profits generated to re-invest for growth, what I have built 15 months later is self-sustaining.

Not only is it self-sustaining, but I just invested in what I will call my first "purchased" revenue stream.  The other 4 to date, have all been a slow burn to build up to this.  But back to Jan. 2021, I did a whopping $76 in sales with no startup cost and $47 in cost of goods sold (COGS), netting me $29 in profit in my first month.  That first revenue stream was none other than one of the largest selling platforms online, Etsy, and the business model was print on demand (POD) apparel.  By the way if you want to open your first Etsy store, use my Etsy Referral Link and we'll both get 40 FREE listings, that's a great boost to get you started.  We'll go into a little more about POD in another post.

But there you have it, the story of my first month in the books.  I'll call it a huge success at $29 profit.